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Case Study: Virginia Sheet Metal – Brisbane

Written on January 21, 2013

Ricky from Syngineering at Virginia Sheet Metal

“We rely on the huge amount of detail the Syngineering team put into their engineering drawings.”

When Paul Curley, Operations Manager at Virginia Sheet Metal requires engineering drawings to fabricate products for his clients, he turns to Syngineering — because he knows they’ll always provide him with quality work.

“Syngineering not only give us detailed drawings, but also an incredibly quick turnaround — so we can deliver for our clients.”

“Often our clients will give us a baseline of what they want with some rough sketches,” he says. “Or sometimes they will have done the drawings, but want us to certify the product to make sure it can take the load. We give these to Shane, then he certifies them and draws them, and then he passes them back to us for fabrication.”

“We deal with Syngineering a lot, as these types of requests are becoming increasingly popular. We usually speak to Shane and the team about two or three times a week. They always give us what we need to get the job done!”

Virginia Sheet Metal Project

Fast turnaround times

Paul also likes dealing with Syngineering because they give him a competitive edge by delivering drawings promptly. He says: “From other engineers you might have to wait about three weeks — and there is always the danger that you might lose the job if the waiting period is too long.”

“Syngineering not only give us detailed drawings, but also an incredibly quick turnaround — so we can deliver for our clients. Obviously, when working on a job, we can’t go any further until we get the required plans, so we like the fact that working with Syngineering isn’t a bottleneck.”

Ricky with Paul at Virginia Sheet Metal, BrisbaneIncreased safety awareness

“Everything must be done properly these days, as safety is increasingly important. For example, we might have to produce a stand that will take 500kg, and it will have to come with the certification plates,” says Paul. “The guys at Syngineering help with every aspect — even specifying the fillet size needed, as well as giving us any other information required for us to spec out the job.”

Comprehensive engineering drawings

“When dealing with Syngineering, we rely on the huge amount of detail they include in their engineering drawings. This includes a complete parts and components list, so our fabricators know exactly what they need to do the job.

“The guys in the shop love it, as it takes all the heartache out of the process! I’d definitely recommend their engineering services to other fabricators.”

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