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Landfill Leachate Treatment

Written on February 1, 2015

Leachate is the product of a fluid percolating through a solid and “leaching” out constituents from the solid.  It poses a problem in waste management where groundwater passing through landfill becomes contaminated.

Modern waste management facilities are designed with some form or impermeable lining as a means of keeping the landfill and  resulting hazardous landfill leachate separated from the surrounding environment.   The landfill leachate can then be drained away and collected in ponds so it can be disposed with in an environmentally safe way.

Prior to disposal of the contaminated leachate there are compelling environmental and commercial drivers to extract the largest possible volume of water.   Separating out clean reusable water not only means the recovered clean water (permeate/filtrate) can be used  for productive purposes (such as agriculture or dust suppression) but it also minimises the volume of concentrate that needs to be disposed of.   The Vibratory Shear Enhanced Process (VSEP) system presented in the following video is a cost effective means of separating the maximum possible volume of water.

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