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Electrical Drafters

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Many design jobs require electrical drafters with CAD skills in various software packages such as CATIA, Revit, AutoCAD or some other 2D drawing/3D CAD software.

The experienced drafters at Syngineering work with these CAD softwares on a daily basis. Our draftsmen come with tradesman experience, so they have worked on the tools and have the practical know-how when it comes to understanding what the client wants and doing the job properly. Continue reading “Electrical Drafters” »

The Syngineering Team

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Syngineering team members live up to their name…

SyngineersWe provide a  range of services to help you get the most from your products or projects. We work with you to solve the problem and provide you with a solution that is only achievable when Syngineering team members work together with each other and the client.

Call us today, and one of our team can point you in the right direction. We have a large amount of experience in dealing with a variety of different projects, and always aim to satisfy the customer and the relevant Australian Standards.

Find out more about the team on the ‘About’ page on our website

Syngineering helps design and draw a Separator & Skid

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Syngineering worked with a major client to design and update a separator design, so that it could be easily transported to sites around Australia. The piping, instrumentation and layout of the device was reviewed and updated by Syngineering’s team.

This Separator design gave Syngineering the chance to prove our design capabilities and flexibility when working with a major client. If you think your designs need to be reviewed to make sure it is as optimal as possible, give Syngineering a call, and we can work with you to give you a product that is perfect for the application

Separator Skid

We do as-built drawings!

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Syngineering can model, draft and render your existing products to make them more manufacturable and presentable.

Below is a sampleof a trailer, including suspension components. Syngineering were brought in to draw the trailer so the client could easily make more in the future. Our talented team in the office swiftly turned rough sketches and handwritten notes into a beautifully detailed drawing and a real-life render.

Trailer Suspension

Sample Trailer

Sample Trailer1

Do you need drawings and/or DXFs?

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Laser cutters know this story well… “Can you do this job for me? I don’t have drawings or DXFs though…” If you don’t have a drafting team in house, you might either take on the task of producing the DXF yourself or turning the customer away. Both of these options will limit the margins on your profits, and you might only be left with a handful of customers who have DXFs ready…

We are the home of a team of expert drafters and engineers who can quickly interpret your customer’s design, produce a drawing and DXF, and send it back your way – ready to be cut.

Our team of engineers and draftsmen know the limits of your machinery, and are ever-mindful of constraints that some clients may not realise.  Send your clients our way, and we will take their sketches and ideas, turn them into something YOU can use. Then we will send them back to you.


Defender 90 - Fuel Tank Guard

Recovery Hooks

Toyota Prado Petrol - Battery Tray

Do you need drawings for machined parts?

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Our team of experienced draftsmen know what is required on drawings to make your life easier. Our head draftsman has ten years experience as a tool maker and machinist, so he knows what machinists want.

All of our drawings conform to AS1100, so you can be assured that our drawings are easily interpreted and consistent.

Flange Splitter

Flange Alignment Device








Flange Device Drawing Sample

Above are examples of machined parts that customer’s needed drawings  for. Syngineering modelled, rendered and provided drawings for this device, making sure to keep tolerances in mind when drawing this part. Our draftsmen know that tolerances = $$$, so we always take care in specifying tolerances for you.

We can RPEQ certify all designs that we submit, and provide all documentation to ensure that your design and parts are safe.

We can provide you with drawings of your existing products…

Friday, October 11th, 2013

At Syngineering, part of what we do is ensuring that companies have drawings on hand for their products. Should the day come where you need to supply drawings for a tender or design concept, you’ll need to have them on hand. Syngineering can provide you with everything you need to make your products or catalogue look even more professional.

Our team of draftsmen and engineers can provide you with the drawings you need to really show off your products.

Syngineering Model Presentation - Gal Grate

The Galvanised Grate above is an example of where a client came to us needing a model and drawing of their existing product.  Syngineering swiftly produced the model and provided them with the detailed drawing, As an added bonus, we can render our model for you, to give your drawing the ‘wow’ factor it needs to impress your customer.

Call or email Syngineering today if you need your products drawn, modeled or rendered.

P: 07 3865 6603
A: 448 Newman Road, GEEBUNG QLD 4034

Syngineering can help with pneumatic and hydraulic problems

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Syngineering can help you with your pneumatic and hydraulic problems.

If you have a pneumatic or hydraulics system that needs updating, or requires a redesign, phone Syngineering. We can come and take a look and offer our advice.

A recent project is a ‘pipe loading table’, where pipes are raised, lowered, moved and machined using a combination of hydraulics and pneumatic cylinders and components.

Our close relationship with suppliers mean we can spec the right cylinders for your application.

Drill Pipe Loading Table

P: (07) 3865 6603
A: 448 Newman Rd, GEEBUNG QLD 4034

Syngineering’s Drafting Service

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Do you need something drawn professionally, but don’t have access to the right software to do it?

Syngineering offers a drafting service for South East Queensland business. All of our drawings adhere to AS 1100.

Our draftsmen and engineers will be quick to respond to your requirements, and will get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Our team is very supportive. and no project is too difficult for our experienced team. Get in touch today to find out more.

Below are two projects where Syngineering’s expert draftsmen produced high quality engineering drawings that the clients were able to use immediately.

Exploded View











Case Study: Syngineering uses FEA to achieve cost savings for Metalmark

Friday, September 20th, 2013


Mark Davies from of Metalmark thanks Syngineering 

Mark Davies, Director at Metalmark, recently approached the team at Syngineering for verification and optimisation of one of his designs. He wanted them to help him achieve a high performance lifting hook with significant cost savings, and Syngineering utilised FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to achieve the best result.

As Mark explains, “We developed the design to a pretty high standard, so it was quite well-advanced. We then approached Syngineering who suggested some options.”

Stronger and lighter

“Syngineering improved the design by using FEA to identify a stress concentration. They then came back to us with a number of options, including one that was far better than our original design.


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Case Study: Syngineering helps APT Fabrication grow their profits

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

APT FabricationsWhen it comes to having engineering drawings done for complex 4×4 parts and accessories, the team at APT Fabrication in Brisbane trust Syngineering to do the job to an extremely high standard.

“Working with Syngineering enables us to outsource certain manufacturing tasks – which decreases overall production costs and helps to grow our profits,” explains Ben Woodgate, Director.

Stronger and lighter

“We sell a range of Land Rover 4×4 accessories and parts in our online store.I’ll build a product prototype, such as underbody protection, steering and suspension, or front and rear protection, and then I’ll take it to the guys at Syngineering.

They use their engineering expertise to provide me with highly accurate, professional engineering drawings, which I then pass on to the companies that we outsource to do the cutting, section curving or ring-rolling.

This makes the manufacturing process much more affordable – and allows us to pass those savings on to our valued customers.”


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Syngineering Designs Vacuum Pipe Lifter – 40tonne WLL

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Syngineering has worked with a Queensland manufacturer to develop a vacuum pipe lifter used to lift 10tonne pipes from the hull of a ship and move the pipes to a waiting truck.  The pipes range in diameter up to 450mm and up to 14m in length.

The team of engineers, draftsman and tradesman at Syngineering were heavily involved throughout the project from not initial concept stages through manufacturing and ultimately, preparing as built drawings to record the changes made during the final manufacturing of the vacuum lifters.

The Syngineering engineers made extensive use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) throughout the design.  This allowed the engineers to optimise the weight of the vacuum lifter.



Syngineering have designed the vacuum lifter to be entirely self contained with on board vacuum tanks and control systems.  The lifters also included fork tine slots to allow the lifter to be safely moved around the dock yard using a 16tonne forklift.

The Syngineering team also included certified lifting lugs to allow the vacuum lifter to moved around the dock yard.

Syngineering not only provided manufacturing drawings but 3D models, DXF files for laser cutting of components but also rendered images for marketing brochures and RPEQ certification for the project.


Oxygen Lance Reverse Engineering

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Syngineering have recently been working on a project for a major Queensland power station.  Furnace lance

The original request was to reverse engineer a set of components and produce manufacturing drawings for the oxygen lance.

Sounds simple, except for the fact that many of the components had been burnt away in the furnace.

The team of experienced engineers, draftsman and tradesman at Syngineering worked closely to produce not only manufacturing drawings but exploded views for manuals, sectional views and rendered models to help.