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VSEP Solves Landfill Leachate in Columbia

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

The City of Buga in Colombia has a small landfill that serves the entire city. There was only a very small space left for putting trash and the projection was that it would run out of space in about 4 months. The Presidente Landfill asked authorities to open a new area on its property for trash disposal. The regulators told them that in order to give them a permit, they must install equipment to treat the landfill leachate. In addition, the existing storage ponds for leachate were nearly at capacity. Production of more Leachate would have required construction of more storage ponds.

A gas to energy project is also planned for this site. The first phase would be gas extraction with flares to burn the gas. The next phase would be installation of electrical gas-fired   generators   to   make   electricity. Prior to getting permitting for this project, leachate treatment was also required. While the trash in the landfill needs to be moist so that   bacteria   can   convert   organics   to methane, there cannot be too much liquid (leachate) in the trash or the rate of gas extraction would be impaired.

Process Description

A full –scale VSEP system was installed at this site using three of the large 84” VSEP modules. Since the filtrate would be used for land irrigation, only a single pass with RO was required. Other VSEP installations would also include a second stage RO spiral polishing system to make water that would meet surface water discharge requirements.  But in this case, Ammonia, COD, and other contaminants were sufficiently removed with just one pass through the VSEP RO system.

For more information click Syngineering – Buga Columbia Landfill Leachate

Syngineering Completes Water Treatment Plant Design

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Well done to the Syngineering projects team who have completed and submitted the final water treatment plant design in record time.  From contract to final design in a few short months, now for the Syngineering construction and commissioning team to take over and get the plant built.

VSEP Water Treatement Plant Design

VSEP Water Treatement Plant Design for a landfill leachate application in New Zealand.

VSEP Case Study – El Bordo Poniente, Mexico City

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Landfill Mexico CityOnce Mexico City’s only solid waste landfill, it is now closed to allow landfills to be opened further away from the residents of the city.  However, the landfill was used to support a 9 million person population and so is still producing leachate wastewater and will continue to do so for some time. Continue reading “VSEP Case Study – El Bordo Poniente, Mexico City” »

VSEP Contract

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Here at Syngineering we have been granted a new contract working with American water treatment giants New Logic Research Inc. as the national distributor in Australia for their new product VSEP (Vibratory Shear Enhanced Process). VSEP is the world’s first vibrating membrane separation system. Its done by applying vibratory shear waves directly at the membrane surface. VSEP is able to separate difficult feed streams including high levels of suspended and dissolved solids, oils, organics and other problematic constituents. The process is inexpensive and capable of:

  • Processing thousands of litres per minute
  • Has the ability to stay cleaner for longer
  • Can process constituents with a large solid percentage (~70%)
  • Has a high efficiency (~99%)
  • Simple design (two main parts), and
  • Compact in size.

To download a copy of our VSEP pamphlet click here pdficon_small