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VSEP For Treating RO Reject

Written on March 16, 2015

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is an effective method for the treatment of a range of contaminated water.  However for every litre of treated water you will have about a half litre of waste water or RO reject.  When you are talking about treating volumes on the order of multiple megalitres a day then we are talking about a lot of RO reject water to deal with.

In many cases this RO reject is stored in holding ponds to evaporate.  However with a VSEP system it is possible to continue to treat the RO reject water.  The images below show the RO reject used as feed water input into the VSEP and the filtrate output from the VSEP.

Before – RO Reject        After – Crystal Clear Filtrate
RO Before        RO After

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