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VSEP Case Study – El Inga, Ecuador

Written on February 3, 2015

El Inga Landfill serves Quito in Ecuador.  Here they have had a problem with leachate treatment for several years and concerns that the groundwater is contaminated.  They implemented a MBR/digester system, but it was not able to provide the required discharge and so the leachate has had to remain in the ponds and evaporate naturally.

Using VSEP systems you can mix and match or use them in parallel to obtain the desired flow rates needed.  The El Inga Landfill used 3 of the 84″ VSEP modules and each has up to 130 square metres of membrane and can filter between 35 and 70 litres of wastewater per minute.  It also uses a spiral RO system to more finely filter the filtrate for discharge.  This system has been tested to recover 90% of leachate as clean filtrate.

The El Inga Landfill now uses a working wastewater treatment system, which will help with reducing the sites environmental risk in Quito.

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