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Comparing MBR & SBR Technologies

Monday, October 17th, 2016

While there are similarities between MBR and SBR (both are forms of the activated sludge process), there is one fundamental difference – the method of separating the mixed liquor from the treated wastewater.  SBR technology relies on gravity settling (or phase separation), while MBR technology uses the membrane as a physical barrier for separation.  On the surface this may seem like a subtle difference, however, by using a physical barrier for separation, MBR technology provides numerous advantages.

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Silo Access Stairway Design & Construct

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

When one of our clients identified a safety improvement for accessing a silo they contacted us to come and look at what could be done.

The slaker room of the lime silo was accessed by climbing a rather wobbly 5m ladder.  Perhaps when this was built it was intended to allow for periodic maintenance but  it had become necessary for operations personnel to have to climb the ladder many times throughout a shift, day and night.

lime silo with ladder

Existing Access Ladder to Lime Silo Slaker Room

As is typical of most jobs that Syngineering gets called to, there were plenty of constraints to work within.  The existing silo structure could not be used to support the stairway and the base of the silo formed a bund.  The remote location and ongoing operation of the facility also meant that the stairway would need to be pre-fabricated and installed with minimal disruption to operations.   Detailed drawings of the silo structure were not available and there were also underground services that made avoiding any excavation appealing.  In fact this was not the first time the client (the operators of the plant)  had tried to solve the problem but previous proposals had come back as to expensive and were not supported to by plants owner.

We got thinking and proposed that the stairway commence on a neighboring concrete slab.  This reduced the overall height of the elevation.  We did some calculations to check our idea could comply with AS1657 and then quickly sketched up our concept and shared it with the client to ensure the direction we were proposing would be acceptable.

lime silo stairs marked up

Proposed Stairway Concept

The client agreed our concept was both feasible and practical and their client in-turn was satisfied that we had proposed an economical solutions.

In order to ensure minimal need for onsite modifications during installation a survey including a 3D scan was undertaken.  Once the stairway design was detailed and presented to the client for review and comment it was then able to quickly move to fabrication.

Since ease and speed of installation were considered right from the start, disruption to operations was minimized and could take place during normal operation of the plant. The stairs were installed in under two days, with lost access to the lime silo less than 24 hours.

Completed Stairway



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Seismic Detector Installation – Another Innovative Design by Syngineering

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Another innovative design project from Syngineering that eliminates many of the manual handling issues associated with installing Seismic Detectors.  Eliminates all of the manual digging and back issues not to mention potential snake bites as they walk through long grass.  This innovative design was developed and manufactured in Queensland, Australia and comes complete with RPEQ certification.

Seismic Detector Rig

Seismic Detector Rig working in outback Queensland

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Contact Syngineering for details and support for either your Seismic test program or eliminating manual handling issues

P: +61 7 3865 6603



Frac Tanks

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Syngineering has been working on a range of new and innovative tanks for the oil and gas industry. Our tanks are designed in-house at Syngineering’s head office in Banyo, Queensland. They are fully ADR compliant, and each tank is signed off by an RPEQ qualified professional engineer – meaning you don’t have to worry about the quality of the tank, we can give you all of the paperwork you need to get your show on the road faster.

The tank designs we offer include:

  1. Frac Tanks
  2. Frac Storage Tanks
  3. Frac Storage or Open Top Storage Tanks with Handrails
  4. Frac Storage or Open Top Frac Flow Back Tanks including Diffuser Tanks

Our team at Syngineering provides the project management expertise to ensure that your tanks are supplied when they’re promised. We utilise project quality planning during the design and manufacture of the tanks, and we provide inspection services during manufacture so you avoid any headaches down the line.

Open Top Frac Tank with Handrails Lowered - 1

Open Top Frac Tank with Handrails Raised

Open Top Frac Tank with Handrails Lowered

Open Top Frac Tank with Handrails Lowered-1 

AS1657 – Stairs, Safety Barriers, Platforms, Handrails

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Access Stairs & HandrailingStairs, walkways, ladders, safety barriers – if these items do not comply with AS 1657 – the Australian Standard for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders, your operation could be shut down.

Our draftsman, tradesmen and engineers can design and/or certify your platforms, walkways, stairways or ladders to comply with AS 1657. Our RPEQ certification will give you peace of mind and .

We also over a range of step overs, platforms and safety barriers that you can either order straight from our product catalogue or we can customise a design to suit your specific application.  We can also support you and your team to improve your current installation to ensure that it will comply with AS1657 and gain CPEng RPEQ certification.

P:  (07) 3865 6603
A: 448 Newman Road, GEEBUNG QLD 4034

Special Purpose Heavy Lifting Beams

Monday, October 14th, 2013

50T Lifting Beam

Syngineering can design and certify special purpose lifting and spreader beams to suit your lifting application. Syngineering pride ourselves on listening to and designing exactly what our customers need and want, whether it be weight optimisation, materials to be used and lifting lug combination. Syngineering can also CPEng RPEQ certify your old lifting beams, providing you with a full set of documents necessary to maintain your lifting register.

If you have a question regarding AS4992, RPEQ certification, lifting registers and lifting beams call Syngineering.

A: 448 Newman Road, GEEBUNG QLD 4034

Trestles – Get them checked and RPEQ certified

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Syngineering can check and certify all your trestlesEngineered trestle

Have you ever thought about the how many trestles you have in the workshop?

Have you ever wondered how often you use them?

Are they engineered and certified?

Syngineering can check and RPEQ certify all your trestles for as little as a few hundred dollars each.


Plant Layout and 3D Rendered Models

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

When it comes to water treatment plants, companies trust Syngineering.

Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

3D models and videos improve HAZOP studies

It is no longer sufficient to simply ask operators to look at a P&ID and visualise how the water treatment plant will look when it is installed, nor is it sufficient to look at a P&ID and assume that every hazard is captured during the HAZOP.  It is essential to combine P&ID’s, 3D models, 3D rendered images and high quality videos to improve the quality of HAZOP studies, plant layouts, and plant operability and maintainability studies.

“Working with the team at Syngineering to develop high quality 3D rendered models and videos simply improves the quality of the end product.


3D Modelling and Rendering


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Water Treatment Plant

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

Syngineering work with project managers, design engineers, operators and other key stake holders to design and develop a reverse

Water treatment plantOsmosis water treatment plant used to treat coal seam gas water in Central Queensland.

Working with the team from Syngineering really helps as they are so involved.

The team from Syngineering are always available to answer questions and spent a great deal of time on site helping with the installation and ensuring that everything went smoothly.  They don’t just sit in their Brisbane offices and work 9:00am to 5:00pm, they are on site helping.


Water Treatment Plant Design and Installation

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Lifting Jig Reverse Engineering, Re-design and Certification

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Lifting jigs tend to evolve over time, they live in dark cupboards and only come out when they are required by the very select group of operators who know the secret location of the lifting jig.  Yes home made lifting jigs save time and money  but they are a health and safety nightmare.

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